ATD International Conference

Sales Training What’s Missing program comments…

  • This session made the entire conference worth the investment. I loved Dan’s philosophy & approach to delivering sales training.
  • Dan should have designed & delivered the high performing sales representative certificate program – I got more in 75 minutes than in 2 days
  • Awesome!
  • Dan had great energy, and immediately engaged audience.
  • Great stuff!
  • Well done! Amazing that he’s offering to let us download materials off his web site. Defines servant leadership.
  • Thanks for being generous with your materials! So much meat here – may have been better to focus on a few points & dive deeper.
  • Loved it! Can’t wait to check out the additional materials and his book! Best session of the conference for me!
  • Bring him back next year! This session was great! Have his humor training in Orlando!
  • Great session thanks!
  • Loved the stories
  • Energy management is more important than time
  • Terrific presenter – I loved the confidence for handouts – loved that they used minimal # of words
  • Loved Dan’s informal presentation style. He maintained control of the session but made it feel conversational. I thought it would be too many tips but actually worked well to touch each topic. Looking forward to checking website.