Dan Seidman is the Trainer to the World’s Sales Trainers
-Willis Turner, CEO
Sales & Marketing Executives International

Training programs over the last 20 years include customized versions of my best practices work, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training; a B2C program where I modeled two top in-home sales pros called the Road Best Traveled 10.5 Steps to Selling Success; and my most-requested Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool. Objection-Handling is the biggest chokepoint and you can virtually eliminate buyer resistance with this amazing process. Contact me (below) for details.

We believe that the first focus of training is not learning objectives, but behavior change. Who cares if you have the smartest sales pros and leaders in your space, if they don’t put their learning into practice?

These are the Top 3 Reasons clients ask us to design or redesign their existing training:

  1. They knew their sales team or leadership could increase performance, but weren’t sure what best-practice skills were missing
  2. They wanted a world-class, cutting edge process that could serve as a serious source of revenue for the organization
  3. They recognized that new research on buyer motivation and decision-making should be integrated into their sales process, in order for sellers to better influence, and sell more.

Which one is your biggest concern?

Contact… Dan to work with your team and improve performance today